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    1. Entzone Limited trading as “Surebet247” (“Company”, “Us”, “Surebet247”) believes in and encourages responsible gaming. We believe gambling should be an exciting pastime and will urge our players to have fun without playing beyond their means. Surebet247 is committed to endorsing responsible wagering among its players as well as promoting the gambling awareness, improving prevention, intervention, and treatment.
    2. The purpose of this Responsible Gaming Policy (the “Policy”) is to:
      1. Create a responsible gaming environment through the management of likely damage associated with gaming addiction.
      2. Educate and inform Players, employees, members, and the local community about potential harm associated with gaming.
      3. Ensure compliance with the relevant provisions of Nigerian gaming legislation and regulations with respect to responsible gaming.
    3. Players are expected to carefully read through this Policy before accessing or using Surebet247’s online gaming platform. If you do not agree with the terms of this Policy, you may refrain from using our platform.
    4. This Policy should be read in conjunction with the Surebet247’s Terms & Conditions and any additional applicable terms on Surebet247’s online gaming platform.
  2. SCOPE

    1. This Policy is applicable to any Player who registers an account, gambles, places a bet, deposits funds in his wallet on Surebet247’s online gaming platform.

    1. Underage persons are persons below the age of 18, and as such are regarded as minors.
    2. Surebet247 will make assiduous efforts to prevent underage persons from participating in any online gaming or sports betting including posting notices of prohibition of underage gaming on its website.
    3. Surebet247 prohibits persons below 18 years from creating an account or playing games on the platform. Surebet247 reserves the right to request for proof of age and carry out verification checks on information provided.
    4. Players are advised to keep their account details confidential and always logout from computers, mobile devices, or other technical devices accessible to minors.
    5. Accounts created with incorrect identity data by minors shall be blocked. The Player is allowed to create a new account with correct identity data after becoming of legal age.

    1. Surebet247 considers the following activities as unacceptable, inappropriate, and prohibited:
      1. Obscene or sexually explicit banters
      2. Hate speeches
      3. Bullying
      4. Excessive use of swear words
      5. Threats and harassments
      6. Fraud
      7. Intentional exploitation of a technical glitch
      8. Phishing
    2. The penalties for the foregoing activities include temporary account suspension and permanent account closure. Where a player thinks he has been penalized unjustly, such Player should contact us at undefined for a review of the incident.

    1. The following are visible signs of a gaming addiction:
      1. An obsession with gambling and loss of interest in other aspects of life.
      2. Ignoring family and work responsibilities to focus on the results of bets.
      3. Loss of control and inability to manage imprudent/persistent urges to gamble even when the odds are against you.
      4. Increase in the amount of money used to gamble, to pay for lost bets or to experience the thrill of gambling.
      5. Loss of relationships due to gaming addiction.
      6. Lackadaisical attitude towards work including absence from work or general lack of concentration that makes completion of tasks effectively difficult.
      7. Concealing the amount of money and time spent betting from family members.
      8. Player’s denial of gaming addiction.

    1. The following steps can help make your playing experience safer, and reduce the risk of problems occurring:
      1. Gaming should be for entertainment purposes. If your gambling is no longer an enjoyable activity, set safety limits.
      2. Expect to lose. The odds are that you will lose. Treat your lost bets as the cost of your entertainment and winnings as a bonus.
      3. Set a deposit/bet limit and stick to it. Stop gambling when you reach your deposit/bet limit whether you are winning or losing.
      4. Set a time limit and stick to it. Stop gambling when you reach the time limit whether you are winning or losing.
      5. Create a healthy balance in your daily activities. Gambling should not interfere with or substitute for friends, family, work, or other worthwhile activities.
      6. Avoid “chasing” lost money. Chances are the more you try to recoup your losses the large your losses will be.
      7. Do not gamble as a way to cope with emotional or physical pain. Gambling for reasons other than entertainment can lead to an addiction.
      8. Become educated about the indicators of gambling addiction. This helps form better decisions.
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