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Make A Prediction! Win Real Prizes! New Challenge Each Week!

Do you have tremendous football knowledge that you still need to learn how to monetize? Congratulations, your skill can help you to get ₦1,000,000 by predicting the results of 6 separate football events. You can do it absolutely for free.

Make A Prediction

To participate in Sure6 and stand a chance to win a juicy jackpot, you have to predict correctly correct scores of 6 different football matches. You will get your prize if your forecast is 100% correct. That's simple.

Note: You must make correct predictions within 90 minutes. The Predictor doesn't include an extra 1, 2 or 5 minutes added to the primary time.

I'm one of many who get the results right. How are we going to resolve this?

In this case, we have a tiebreaker system. The point is that you need to choose on what minutes first goal will be scored across all 6 matches. Will the first goal be scored in the first 5 minutes?

Then select a 5-minute timeline. Is it going to be a slow-paced match? Then select a higher time. The closest you get to the correct answer, the most significant chance that you'll bring home the jackpot.

Win Real Prizes

As we have already mentioned, a person who predicts all 6 matches correctly will receive the grand prize of ₦1,000,000 million.

But if no one makes this winning forecast, we have an additional prize of ₦30,000 / ₦20,000 / ₦10,000.

And this prize will be awarded to the person who makes the closest prediction.

But how is the winner determined in this case?

If such a scenario happens, a system of points helps us to identify the winner of the session.

Here is how it works:

  • - 5 points are given if the score that you predict is correct
  • - 3 points are given if you predict the right outcome
  • - You would collect 0 points if your prediction were wrong

A person who manages the highest points score will grab the main prize.

Note: The maximum number of points you can get is 30 (5 multiplied by 6 matches = 30).

But if you didn't get the maximum, it doesn't mean that you lost your chance to win. We know people who got consolidation prizes after scoring 19 points, so never lose hope.

What if there are a few winners?

In this case, we have a dead-heat rule where we fairly split the main prize among the winners. And everyone will get an equal part of the jackpot.

A New Challenge Each Week

The Predictor works weekly, which means that every week there are a new set of football matches on which you can make a bet. Each week, you can collect into your pocket a pretty handsome sum of money.

Remember to look to your Predictor account after the end of the last match of the series to check your position on the board of leaders. If you win, our managers will contact you through your phone number and conduct a little verification. After that, you can easily collect your winnings.

Note: If you want to have better chances to win, it's better to play Predictor on a weekly basis. Also, for player to participate, they need to have an account which they have made at least 1 deposit.

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