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1. Participation

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Players can take part in the available competitions completely free of charge, having the opportunity to win real prizes. Such prizes are available only in events from the «Competition» section.

You must read the Game Rules before entering any of the proposed Contests on the Platform. It is also important to read the license agreement at The rules of the game apply to all Contests in which the Playerwants to participate. By accepting the terms of the Contest on our Platform, each Player agrees to comply with all the game Rules that are written in the Terms!

The terms used will be used in the meaning in which they are prescribed in the Rules of the Game. You can find all terms that are marked with speech marks, emphasis or brackets.

The Platform may make changes to the Rules of the Game. We try to warn Players about this in advance. A new version of the Game Rules will be posted on the Platform no later than ten days before they come into force. Rules present on the Platform as at the time competition is entered applies. There are exceptions. For example, changes in accordance with the observance of the law or regulations. As well as in response to claims or complaints from third parties. The amended Rules come into force on the specified date and they will be mandatory for all Players to study. The updated Rules apply to all Contests from our Platform. The Playeris responsible for regularly checking for updates to the Terms in order to learn the new requirements in advance. If the Player does not agree with the addition to the Rules, then we do not recommend continuing to use the Platform.

2. Competition form

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There will be six matches in total in each round.

In order for the Player to take part in the round, predictions for each round must be submitted before the start of any of the games in each round.

All rounds in the Sure6 are closed at the start of the first match for each round. The full list of matches and round times are posted on the Surebet247 website

After the contest is closed, the User can change his prediction. To enter the Contest, players must predict correct score of six Sure6 matches that have been selected for specific rounds. Predicting the issue of Tiebreak.

Tiebreak is a special prediction where the player determines the minutes of the first goal in any of the six matches of each Sure6 round.

In the event of a tie, the player with the closest tie breaker answer will be ranked highest on the leaderboard, this would then determe the winner of the jackpot and the weekly guaranteed prize pool.

If two or more players receive the same number of points, then the one who was able to make a forecast close to the truth for the actual time of the first year will receive a greater place. Goal timings are recorded as follows: 0-59 seconds = 1st minute, 1m00s - 1m59s = 2nd minute, 2m00s - 2m59s = 3rd minute and so on. If your forecast is presented in the eighth minute, then you need to find the goal scored in the interval 7m00 - 7m59s.

If a match was canceled in a Surebet247 round, it will be void. This can happen if the game lasted less than 90 minutes.

If 5 Surebet247 matches are completed, the prize pool will be reduced from ₦500,000 to ₦500,000 for that round.

The weekly guaranteed prize will remain at ₦500,000.

If 4 Surebet247 matches are completed, the prize pool will be reduced from ₦500,000 to ₦300,000 for that round. And the weekly fund will be canceled. In a situation where three or fewer matches are completed, there will be no jackpot and no weekly prize.

3. Time and start of the Competition

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The start of the Competition will be indicated in additional information. Predictions will be available before the start of the first game of each round.

4. Points

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For each correct prediction within 90 minutes of playing Surebet247, you will receive five points. Some matches may have additional penalty shootouts or extended match times. For example, if the User predicted 1-0 and the match ended 1-0, you get five points. Similarly, if you predict 4-3, but the match ends 3-3 within 90 minutes, but one of the teams wins 4-3 during an extra penalty, the results will not be accepted. So you can win if your prediction was 3-3 in regular time.

You can get 3 points for correctly predicting a match winner or draw in Sure6. For example, your prediction is 2-2, but the match was closed at 1-1 - the player gets 2 points. This is because you did not correctly predict the result of the match, but correctly predicted a draw in the round. Similarly, you can take two points if you predicted 3-0 and the match ended 1-0. In this case, the outcome was correctly predicted - victory at home.

You will receive zero points in Surebe6 if you fail to predict the outcome or score of a match. For example, you predicted a score of 2-3, but the match ended with a score of 2-2. In this case, you will not receive any points, because you did not predict either the outcome of the match or its result correctly.

The maximum number of points that can be obtained in a match is 5.

The maximum number of points that can be obtained in a round of 6 matches is 30.

The platform will receive prediction results and other information from third party websites and football league providers in order to correctly calculate all points. Rarely, there may be cases when the information comes with errors in the calculations or the refusal of the Contest as a result of inaccuracies. This is due to the provision of incomplete information from third party service providers or match organizers. We will make every effort to identify and eliminate these errors in time.

The platform does not guarantee the accuracy of the information offered by third-party sources. In any case, we are not responsible for inaccuracies, errors and incorrect statistics that were obtained from a third-party service provider. You agree that you will not submit claims or complaints in this regard to our Platform.

5. View Points

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At the end of each round, the player can see his place in the rating table. The table can be accessed through the Surebet247 app or the menu. Here you can find a tab with a table for all past rounds and a table with leaders for the current season.

Go to the game page in the round data section to see your predictions. You will be able to look at the menu of all upcoming rounds of the current season. as well as a summary of your results for each round.

Match results and minutes of first goals will be posted on The data is used to rank players and prize winners. The time of recorded goals must be recorded. It is written in this way: 0 - 59 seconds = 1st minute, 1 m00s - 1 m:59 s = 2nd minute and in the same way further. For example, you select the sixth minute and this indicator will be used where a goal is scored between 5m00s - 5m59s. If there are no goals in the game, then the prediction with a value of zero will be the winning one.

6. Winners and prizes

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Players can look forward to claiming a ₦500,000 jackpot that can be won in all rounds unless otherwise stated. A user who correctly predicted all six matches will be able to get a guaranteed jackpot (see clause 6.3 below). If there are two or more players who correctly made predictions, then the winner will be the one whose prediction was closest to the actual value. If Tiebreaker's predictions were equally close to the actual, then the prize will be divided equally among the Users.

Every week there is access to a guaranteed prize of ₦500,000. This prize will be collected by the player who received the most points in the round. If there are two or more players with a high score in the round, then the one who has a Tiebreak closer to the actual value gets the prize. If Tiebreaker's predictions were equally close to the actual, then the prize will be divided equally among the Users.

Sometimes we may offer guaranteed jackpot rounds under the Terms and Conditions, which notify the players in advance. In this case, players get the jackpot if they can get more points in this round. If two or more players receive the same number of points, then the one who was able to make the Tiebreak closer to the actual value will receive the jackpot. If two or more players managed to score the same number of points and their Tiebreaker prediction was equally close to the actual one, then the jackpot of the round is divided in half. There is no weekly prize paid in the guaranteed prize round.

Prizes will not be offered to Users who are (i) located in countries on the Surebet247 no-go list; or (ii) their Surebet247 profile on the site has been terminated for any reason.

There is no cash alternative for non-cash prizes unless otherwise agreed in writing. Prizes cannot be returned or transferred.

The organizer has the right to replace the prizes or part of them with an equivalent bonus or a larger cash reward.

The organizer is not responsible for prizes that do not reach the winner due to the fault of the recipient.

Additional gifts and (or) special offers can be withdrawn during the Promotions at the request of the Organizer. They will be credited in addition to the prizes listed above. The Organizer will notify and publish information about the change or introduction of additional prizes and the conditions for obtaining them.

Prizes can only be awarded if a Contest has been held. The Platform reserves the right to cancel the Contest at any time.

You will not be able to receive a prize or reward if the Sponsor believes that you are logged into your account under a different name or do not meet the eligibility criteria. These rules are specified in the Terms and are available for study to all Users.

Winners are responsible for paying taxes and other fees that are related to prizes received.

We may publish a list of winners on the Platform and use your name with the photo that was used in the player profile. If you wish to object to the use of this information, please email

If there is a discrepancy between the License

Agreement and these documents, Surebet247 users should pay attention to the provisions of the Game Rules that shall prevail.

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